Mega Patches – How Do They Work?

Mega Patches – How Do They Work?

Mega Patches

Show your support for the horde with this awesome Mega Patches. This is a sew on patch and will look amazing on your vest, shirt or jacket. It is made of high quality materials and will hold up to the elements. The size is 14 inches wide and is a true representation of the mighty Mad Viking skully logo.

How does it work?

These clear hydrocolloid acne patches conceal and extract impurities to help heal blemishes, reducing their appearance and preventing scarring. Acne patches contain Vitamin A to help combat free radicals that cause changes in the sebaceous gland and bacteria that causes blemishes, as well as Salicylic Acid to help reduce blemish formation and oil production.

Can MEGA PATCH(tm) be colored?

Yes, unlike most cold patch products that simply stay in place by weight MEGA PATCH(tm) is designed to bond to the sides of the pothole and become part of the asphalt. This makes MEGA PATCH(tm) much longer lasting than other cold patch products and is not affected by water or UV rays. MEGA PATCH(TM) is available in black, gray or tan and can be matched to the color of your asphalt. It dries to a hard traffic surface in 1 hour when placed on asphalt that is 70+ degrees F.

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