Old Defenders

Old Defenders

Old defenders are among the most sought-after cars on the market today. Despite newer models arriving, demand for these older vehicles isn’t going anywhere.

What is the cheapest Defender Land Rover?

In fact, demand for old defenders is on the rise as private imports are surging. Whether you’re looking for a restored classic or a one-of-a-kind replica, there are many specialist companies that will be happy to work with you on your project.

Special Editions

In the US, Land Rover created 300 Station Wagon Defender 90s that were limited editions for 1997 and were finished with a special one-year colour known as “Willow Green” with white accented roof panels. These vehicles also carried a cast plaque on the rear tub that featured the vehicle’s unique limited edition production run number.

Military Options

The Land Rover Defender was used by the British MOD as a troop carrier and communication vehicle for use in Africa, the Falklands and elsewhere. These vehicles were fitted with a 2.2-litre diesel engine from the Ford Transit, which was rated at a massive 3,500kg payload.

Aside from their ability to pull a massive load, the Defender was also very versatile. Its wide wheels allowed it to drive over a variety of terrain while delivering excellent fuel economy.

Early Diesels

Previously, the Defender had been powered by a 2.4-litre engine borrowed from the Ford Transit, but later versions had a 2.5-litre TD5 diesel that produced similar power and torque outputs, while also being more refined. While it wasn’t the most environmentally friendly of engines, it was a very reliable car and was available in a range of variants with different gearboxes and suspension settings to suit every environment.

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