Process Agents

Process Agents


Process agents are local-based representatives upon whom court papers can be served. They are generally a requirement of US State law and also known as statutory agents or resident agents. They receive legal documents on behalf of businesses and individuals that may have been named in a lawsuit or other pending proceedings. They typically have a commercial address but are available to accept service of process from local law enforcement. Many business owners choose to have a professional registered agent because it provides an extra layer of privacy. It keeps their personal information off of public records and prevents law enforcement from showing up at their home (in the case of a home-based business) or in front of customers and employees in the case of a commercial business.

Process Agents in Real Estate Transactions: Mitigating Risks Across Borders

Motor carriers, brokers and freight forwarders need to designate process agents in each state they are authorized to haul freight or cartage. They must file this designation using Form BOC-3 with the FMCSA. It is common for companies to select a blanket company that has process agents in every state where they operate.

When selecting a process agent, you should be sure to review pricing, services offered and customer reviews. Not all companies are created equal. Some charge a low, one-time fee to act as your process agent and do not offer any additional tools for compliance management or monitoring. Others have dedicated staff and legitimate commercial offices and provide tools for improving, managing and monitoring your compliance status.

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