The Growth of the Gaming Industry in Thailand

The Growth of the Gaming Industry in Thailand

Across Thailand, gamers spend about five hours per day on their mobile devices. The country’s mobile gaming market is estimated to grow 7% per year and reach $200 million by 2021.

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A growing internet penetration, the emergence of esports, and the success of Thailand’s esports community are the main reasons behind the growth. The industry is expected to earn over $2 billion a year by 2025.

In addition to this, the Thai government is also showing an interest in supporting the sector. It has established a Digital Economy Promotion Agency, and is working with the government to revamp the education system.

The Thai คาสิโนออนไลน์ยอดนิยม industry has also received significant funding. Last year, the sector earned more than US$1 billion.

The Thai gaming scene has evolved from portable games in the early 2000s to modern esports, gaming machines, and mobile gaming. Many classic games have been translated into online platforms.

Despite the global pandemic, the digital sector has gained momentum in Thailand. Several digital organizations are partnering to support the industry. Some of these include Infofed Co., Ltd. and DEPA. These organizations offer opportunities to work on games, run trials before commercial launches, and gain access to funding.

The gaming sector is expected to grow 15-30 percent each year. The gaming industry in Thailand has the potential to become a regional hub.

According to NewZoo, the gaming industry in Thailand has experienced a significant growth over the last year. Specifically, 32% of Millennials and 37% of Gen Z have played social multiplayer games in the last 30 days.

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