The Processes Used by Metal Fabricators

The Processes Used by Metal Fabricators

Metal fabricators are professionals trained to work with metals in a variety of ways. They typically work for manufacturing companies and construction firms. In addition, they may also fabricate parts for cars, aircraft, and consumer products.

Is fabrication same as welding?

Some of the most common processes used by metal fabricators include cutting, welding, and finishing. These processes help to produce finished products that are stronger, more durable, and more functional.

Cutting is one of the simplest processes used in metal fabrication. Using a cutting tool, a technician removes metal from a piece of metal along its diameter. One type of cutting tool, the blade, is mounted at an angle to reduce the force required for the process.

Turning is another metal fabrication process. A turning lathe rotates the metal. This process is usually applied to metal tubes and bars. It is commonly used in the aerospace industry.

Forging is the oldest metal fabrication process. It requires a high temperature to change the shape of the metal. To ensure that the metal will be strong and durable, it is often heat treated.

CNC (computer-controlled) machines are the best tools for detailed, fine-scale projects. CAD (computer-aided design) software is the basis for most metal fabrication. Once the software is downloaded, the design is translated into programming for the computer-controlled machine.

Many metal fabricators have a specialized specialty. Some offer specialized fabrication for the IT industry. Others are involved with medical devices.

When selecting a metal fabricator, make sure the company is reputable and can meet your needs. If you have a specific project in mind, you should find out how much the company charges. You also want to ask about their safety procedures and quality control.

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