What Is a Glass Company?

What Is a Glass Company?

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Glass companies are business entities that transform raw materials into finished products. They may focus on a specific type of product or a particular manufacturing process. Depending on the nature of their businesses, these companies may be small or large in size. Some are privately owned, while others are part of large publicly-traded enterprises. These companies are often known as “glass shops” or “glass manufacturers.” They can be located anywhere in the world, but they must have adequate facilities and resources to succeed.

The larger glass makers produce a wide range of products that have many uses. The largest maker is Corning, which produces specialty glass for use in telecommunications, displays, and other high-margin industries. It also makes the Gorilla Glass used in Apple’s iPhones. Other producers include Apogee, which makes construction products, and Vitro, which manufactures glass for home building projects.

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Local glass companies are smaller, typically family-owned businesses that operate a number of regional offices. They specialize in certain types of glass work, such as shower doors, commercial windows and residential window replacements. They have a limited number of employees and own some or all of their equipment.

Typical small glass companies will have an office manager who handles pricing, scheduling, ordering and light accounting duties. They are a key member of the company and their efforts can have a significant impact on the company’s profitability. They may also have a field team that performs installation work away from the home office.

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