Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator

Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator

If you’re breathwork facilitator for a career change that’s as fulfilling and meaningful as it is lucrative, becoming a breathwork facilitator might be right for you. Breathwork is a holistic practice that’s used to manage stress, boost athletic performance, ease depression, and heal trauma. You can find work in a variety of settings like wellness centers, retreats, private practices, and more.

To be successful as a breathwork facilitator, it’s important to surround yourself with supportive community members that share your passion for the healing power of this work. This can include other facilitators, mentors, healers, and clients. Having this support system will help you feel confident in your ability to provide safe, healing spaces for others, even after your training is completed.

Discover the Power Within: Enroll in Our Breathwork Training Program for Healing and Growth

Breathwork is a highly emotional experience that can invoke a range of emotions. During sessions, it’s common to hear participants crying, laughing, shaking, or singing. This is because breathwork is an incredibly personal experience that allows you to let go of your inhibitions and tap into your authentic self. This makes it an extremely empowering and healing process.

In this intensive course, you’ll learn all of the necessary tools to facilitate breathwork sessions. You’ll receive guidance on verbal cues (with trauma-informed language), energetic techniques, hands-on and touch-based support, and more. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the nature and types of trauma (acute, chronic, complex, and cultural/racialized) as well as how to assess when someone’s experiences are beyond your skill set and make appropriate referrals.

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