Benefits of Eye Prosthesis

Benefits of Eye Prosthesis

An artificial eye, digital eye or full-eye prosthetic is a kind of cranial prosthetic that replaces an missing eye following an eye surgery, eye trauma, orbital expander, or other kind of cranial trauma. These prosthetic devices are now common in almost every country. This article will give you more information about an artificial eye. In recent years, they have become more advanced. They provide exceptional vision correction with zero glare and excellent comfort, especially if the artificial eye is Innovated Glass. Some of their most important advantages include:

The Truth About Benefits Of Eye Prosthesis

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It should be noted that these eye prosthesis come in three types: Full-eye with lens and frame system; Sensorineural; and Pure-Lenses. Each type is designed for a particular kind of eye. Full-eye with lens system is usually used for those who have crossed their eyes due to astigmatism, strabismus, myopia, presbyopia or hypermetropia. Sensorineural uses both the upper and lower halves of the eye, with the sensorineural portion serving as a lens. Pure lenses are made of synthetic polycarbonate and consist of two sets of lens – one is clear and the other is colored.

During surgery, an ophthalmologist will place the prosthetic eye on your eye. This is usually done while the patient is under local anesthesia. The surgeon will usually insert the prosthetic lens between the eye’s natural muscle fibers. If the implants are placed above the cornea, then a frame is placed on the implants. If the implants are placed below the cornea, then a plastic lens or a soft-space capsule will be placed. There will be a healing period of three to six months after the prosthetic eye implants have been placed.

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