Electric Fence Netting

Electric Fence Netting

Electric Fence Netting is a favorite among poultry and sheep farmers as an easy way to enclose animals. It’s also a cost effective safeguard against predators that can ravage gardens, crops and beehives. Netting can be used to keep deer and bear out of fields, raccoons out of vegetable gardens and rabbits and skunks out of garden produce. It’s even a great tool to use around the chicken coop to keep predators away from young chicks.

Unlike traditional wire fencing, Electric Fence Netting requires frequent checking for tangles and damage, netting can be checked and repaired quickly with minimal strength or tools. In addition, all of our netting has a non-conductive bottom line that eliminates potential shorting. For optimal results, it is important to keep the net clear of significant weed growth and to periodically check that the lowest live line is not touching the ground or another object that would drain the power from the fence.

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An electric fence energizer sends an electrical pulse through the conductors of the net that creates a low-level shock when touched. It’s recommended that you keep the energizer in good working condition by regularly testing its performance with a voltage meter. Also, be sure to choose a powerful energiser that will work with the type of animal you are protecting and the terrain where it’s being installed. A rule of thumb is that the higher the joule rating of your energiser, the more ‘leakage’ it will be able to cope with and still maintain an effective voltage on the fence lines.

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