Reserve Your Spot at DIA Airport

Reserve Your Spot at DIA Airport

If the record travel numbers of Memorial Day weekend proved anything, it’s that summer is going to be a busy season for airports. And for many, that means a lot of time spent waiting in security lines. A new program from biometric identity verification service Clear, which debuted at Orlando International Airport in 2021, aims to help people avoid those long wait times by letting them reserve a spot in a special designated security line ahead of time.

To reserve a spot, Reserve Your Spot go online and enter their airline, travel date and flight number along with the number of people in their party. Then they select a desired time at the Bridge Security TSA checkpoint. According to DIA’s website, reservations can be made up to three days in advance.

Travelers then receive a QR code to show at the gate, which gets them through a separate line that moves much faster than the regular TSA line. The process isn’t available to passengers with a CLEAR Plus membership (which is a paid service that grants access to a dedicated, expedited clearance line), and it doesn’t work in conjunction with TSA PreCheck either.

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And though the system has only been in operation for a few months, DIA’s VP of innovation says it’s already proven to be popular. So much so that the airport has a plan to expand the pilot to more locations in the future. As for the privacy concerns that have accompanied previous programs like Clear, it’s important to note that reserving your spot does require sharing your name, address, phone number and email with the company.

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