The Best Gym Wear For Women

The Best Gym Wear For Women

gym wear for women

The days of wearing the same old gym clothes day in and day out can start to feel a little stale. Even the most durable items eventually begin to lose their shape, especially when they see frequent use (as in: your beloved yoga pants will never be as good again). The best workout clothes for women are designed to withstand wear and tear, and the activewear space is brimming with options to fit your budget, style and favorite activities.

Whether you’re planning to hit the gym wear for women or just want cozy loungewear, look for stretchy and breathable fabrics. Spandex and polyester are great for workout clothes, as they move with your body while helping to wick away sweat. For tops, consider tanks, tees, or polo shirts that feature collars and buttons for a more polished look. You can also find workout shirts that are made from soft materials such as cotton or easy-to-wear doubleknits.

For bottoms, consider workout tights or leggings in a stretchy fabric like spandex or lycra. They should be snug around your waist but not too tight, as this can be uncomfortable. For high-intensity workouts, you may want to pair your women’s training clothing with a supportive sports bra. A well-fitting sports bra should offer plenty of support and shouldn’t be too loose, as this could lead to chafing.

Empower Your Fitness: Must-Have Gym Wear for Women’s Active Lifestyle

If you’re seeking stylish gym wear, look to female-founded brands for sleek pieces with a street style aesthetic. Brands like FP Movement have citrus-inspired pops of color and cheeky cutouts to make you actually excited to hit the gym in the early hours of the morning, while Koral’s shiny, leather-like fabric looks just as chic at the club as it does for a spin class. You can also find gym apparel with fun graphics from Brazilian brand FARM Rio, South African designer Thebe Magugu or Finnish fashion house Marimekko to create a vibe that speaks to your personality.

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