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Discover a Collection of Huum Sauna Heaters

collection of Huum sauna heaters

Discover a collection of sauna heaters that push tradition into the future, from the wood-burning DROP to the award-winning CLIFF. They are all designed to redefine sauna luxury in your home.Find out :

Timeless Tradition Meets Modern Convenience

The elegant HUUM electric heaters combine stunning Nordic design with smart control at your fingertips. Featuring an innovative built-in air tunnel that encases the heating elements, these sauna heaters have a smaller footprint and heat up faster than boxy stoves. Their large stone capacity ensures mild and long-lasting steam, similar to traditional wood-fired saunas.

HUUM heaters have a minimalist design that lets the beauty of your sauna stones shine and adds to their longevity. They also use a very small amount of metal, which maximizes the proportion of beneficial negative ions in your sauna’s steam. Craftsmanship is done with the utmost care to keep the quality high and the design timeless.

HUUM’s steel-based sauna heaters are precision-crafted in Estonia. They have a limited warranty of five years and are easy to repair. Depending on your sauna room size and desired level of comfort, choose a HUUM heater with either digital or manual control options. Alternatively, you can upgrade your HUUM heater with the HUUM UKU with Wi-Fi to heat your sauna from your phone while you’re out and about, as well as connect it to your lights, ventilation, and steamer.